Railway transportation is still the cheapest way to transport oversized and heavy cargo. Octet Cargo offers the opportunity to carry out rail transportation from China to any point in Russia.
Our experienced team will help to organize the transportation of cargo, selecting the optimal railway route and ensuring safety of cargo along the entire route.
3PL OPERATOR at KaniKurgan logistics terminal, just 3 km next to the border with China
Fast and efficient processing of documents for railway transportation
Working with reliable railroad companies that provide high quality services
Individual approach to each client, taking into account the peculiarities of the cargo and the requirements of the client
Variety of tariffs and flexible system of discounts that allow you to save money on cargo transportation
Experienced team who control every stage of rail transportation, ensuring its safety and timeliness

our benefits

Railway transportation with Octet Cargo is an optimally planned and reliable way to transport goods, equipment, products, etc. These are the benefits we provide to our customers:
We guarantee our customers high quality of services and efficiency of rail transportation. Octet Cargo is a reliable partner in the field of transportation and logistics services.

If you are interested in cooperation, please contact our managers by phone or using the form on the website. We will calculate the cost of rail transportation in a particular direction, discuss terms and other conditions.

Optimized railway transportation pricing to improve your business efficiency
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