3PL OPERATOR with developed logistics and warehousing infrastructure at the new border crossing Kani-Kurgan, 34 km from Blagoveshchensk, on the border with China, providing direct access to the PRC free trade and economic zone.

Using the infrastructure of the Kanikurgan Customs and Logistics Terminal and counterparties as a starting point for working with Chinese partners, you can be sure that your cargo is :
Insured and reliably protected - we offer various types of cargo insurance from our partners
Under control along the entire route - we provide information along the entire route and comply with the stated deadlines
Delivered as efficiently as possible, quickly in China, Russia, and at cross-border checkpoints. The infrastructure allows you to create effective multimodal routes with direct access to the Amur federal highway, reducing the length of the route across Russia by 1,500 km relative to the nearest points of formation of railway trains. The coverage area of automobile routes in China is 5000 km; railway and sea routes are not limited within the framework of existing infrastructures.


Octet Cargo will offer you optimal logistics solutions that will allow your company to be competitive in any market conditions.

We are proud that among our clients are the flagships of the domestic industry and the leading manufacturers of equipment and machinery in China, and we do everything to ensure that our clients receive services that exceed their expectations and needs


To create a modern logistics infrastructure in the Russian Federation, which will help open up new opportunities for business development for our clients and create strong international ties with partners in the Asia-Pacific region.


  • To be a reliable service provider in the field of cargo transportation, and dispatch 850+ cargoes monthly;

  • To take care of our customers, exceeding their expectations through innovation, speed and quality;

  • Be flexible and responsive, offering individual solutions to meet the needs of each client.
  • Be responsible for business results, fulfilling your promises, adhering to trusting relationships;

  • Be open to cooperation with both small companies and large international corporations;

  • Achieve goals through joint efforts, focus on common tasks in order to be the best in what you do.
  • Guarantee sustainable business development by attracting new clients and retaining 950+ regular ones.

  • Ensure impeccable asset management - RUB 1,235 billion. the volume of assets under management of the company.

  • Respond quickly to changes in consumer demand or unforeseen circumstances.
  • Respect initiatives, support self-realization and self-improvement of each employee.

  • Provide the necessary conditions for high-quality work performance and personal growth.

  • Find innovative solutions and improve business processes by combining common talents and efforts.





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